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CBDwholesaleCrystal - Highest Quality Isolate

For orders over $5,000, your funds will be held in a third party escrow account until your item is delivered.  The same way money is held in an attorneys escrow account when you buy a home, for example.  This will alleviate any concerns on either end when dealing with such a large transaction.  The process is simple and takes minutes to complete online. 

Our CBD Oil is extracted form organic hemp grown exclusively in the South of Europe, without the use of any herbicides, pesticides or fungicides. We use a highly efficient supercritical cO2 extraction.  

We offer a boutique service with excellent prices, a personalized customer service experience and the peace of mind of knowing your funds are secured until you receive your product.  Customers will need to provide identification and proof of residence.




Quality Hemp Production

To consistently produce the most nutritious, most synergistic Cannabinoid-rich oils, our plants are grown at carefuly chosen locations in the South Of Europe.  Only the finest plants are used for extraction. 



Super Critical Fluid Extraction

Some techniques for extracting Hemp use high heat and/or toxic solvents which are dangerous, unsustainable and don’t extract the full complement of nutrients from the plant. Even worse, they cannot always be fully separated from the end product which is therefore not clean or pure.

Super Critical Fluid extraction is a safe, sustainable and superior method. Using state of the art equipment we take harmless Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and compress it to upwards of 10,000 psi (300 times greater than car tire pressure).

At these extremes CO2 becomes ‘super critical’ where it possesses the properties of both a liquid and a gas at the same time. It is also very cold so it does not harm any heat-sensitive nutrients like enzymes or vitamins.

This super critical fluid is an exceptional non-toxic solvent. When added to our nutrient rich Hemp it fully liberates the entire treasure of phytonutrients hidden within. The CO2 is then released and recycled leaving a highly concentrated, totally pure extract that is more easily digested and assimilated.



Full Spectrum Cannabinoids

One of the most popular methods used to extract Hemp Oils is alcohol extraction. It is popular because it is cheap and easy, not because it is the best.

Not only is TakeBackControlCBD's CO2 extraction method better at extracting the full spectrum of nutrients, it is done at cold temperatures. The Alcohol extraction used by our competitors requires the Hemp/Alcohol mixture to be boiled for extended periods. The heat can not only damage sensitive nutrients it can cause many volatile oils to be evaporated out of the mixture. So you end up with an oil that may have been damaged and may be lacking some components required for proper synergy.

TakeBackControlCBD does not contain any synthetic Cannabinoids. It contains everything that is naturally occurring in the original plant. With TakeBackControlCBD's premium oils you benefit from the safety and synergistic interaction of phytonutrients in their complete, balanced form that many scientists believe offers the most benefit.